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About GNPC

The GNPC is made up of people linked to politics who intend to promote, harmonize and channel efforts around the development of Crypto policies that generate freedom, reduction of inequality, social development and economic progress.

The Global Network of Politicians for Crypto supported by a team of professionals with a trajectory of more than twenty years dedicated to guaranteeing greater respect for human rights, the dignity of people and freedom under the approach of the correct treatment of technology towards those very important. factors.

In addition, equality and the general well-being of people in a sustainable way are among the ideals.

In the first place, the protection through the human right of the virtual personality is used as a basis, a concept and proposal that has been presented by people involved in the GNPC team, in response to the problem of access to technology and also protection of the people before this technology; technology that, day by day, evolves at a rate that will be increasingly difficult to obtain for most. The main objective is to constitutionally consolidate that right.

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