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  • What is GNPC?

Technological disruptions we are currently experiencing are changing the dynamism of society globally. The political sector is not alien to these changes if not, rather, it becomes a key player, since it is necessary to propose laws, in each country, so that these technological changes are of benefit to every human being, and not the opposite.

From this fact, GNPC, the Global Network of Politicians for Crypto, was born; to align those decision makers in the political space who are openly in favor of considering these technological changes, who are willing to learn more about this issue, discuss, agree on ideas, projects, laws, with like-minded people on this issue, all in order to give strength to a movement that is already on the rise and will take on more strength every day in order to converge the interests of human beings and technology in the most beneficial way possible.

Among these projects the right to virtual personality is involved, which, in a synthesized way, brings together the rights that human beings have in the broad context that the internet encompasses, in its very varied aspects, and that are deeply affecting our lives these days. and our future.


  • What objective does GNPC seek?

The main objective of GNPC is to generate a community of politicians and political parties around the world who feel at this moment the prominent influence of technological changes, who have a firm understanding of how Internet technologies are applied to each one of us and our society. and who have an interest in political lobbying related to crypto issues. However, it is important that other people join who, in one way or another, are concerned about the impact of technology on human beings, all with the aim of strengthening and converting a political movement of this initiative. These efforts will be aimed at generating bills to add to the political constitutions of each country for the benefit of the human being.

Today, technological disruptions are more and more frequent: what used to happen every twenty years, today takes a couple of years or months to happen. This fact affects societies that are not prepared for these sudden changes; The usual problem of access and transfer of new technologies is more latent, as are its consequences in terms of harmful gaps that impoverish the members of these societies, hence the importance of treating these issues as a community, in this case in the political sphere and for that GNPC was devised.


  • How can I contribute to GNPC?

There are different ways you can contribute to GNPC. Like any organization of this type, financing is one of the priorities, however, the way in which it can be contributed is varied, from research on the subject, generation of ideas, presentations, production of written material, services of different kind. There are many things that can be used to gradually strengthen the network. The subscription form is available to reach an agreement in this regard.


  • Who can join the network?

Anyone can join the GNPC, but above all politicians related to thinking that something should be done about how the human being is affected by changes in relation to blockchain technology, digital assets and how to ensure that these changes occur in a convenient way for communities and individuals. In any case, GNPC is a space accessible to all those who believe in the philosophy described above, whose requirement is to have a new vision and expectation of protecting and promoting the prosperity of individuals and communities based on the technological events described.


  • What is the first Global Network of Politicians for Crypto congress?

The first congress of the Global Network of Politicians for Crypto is one of the components of this community and will be a point of reference for debate and interaction of politicians with the common interest of the crypto world. This congress will take place in 2022.

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