Global Network of Policy Makers for Freedom

Global Network of Policy Makers for Freedom

DAO providing technical services for politicians interested in local government crypto currency.

(DAO incorporated in the state of Wyoming, USA.)

Global Network of Policy Makers for Freedom,  GNPF, is an open space for reflection, the democratic debate of ideas, the elaboration of proposals, the articulation of effective actions that recognize the existence of rights and freedoms related to the origin and current situation of the Crypto world. 

Understanding its dynamic evolution and its potential – It is a platform for meeting and open participation for pro crypto politicians.

Our vision: to consolidate ourselves as an organization that has incidence and leadership in the main issues of international relevance around the development of the virtual personality as a fundamental right, serving as a forum for debate and discussion, especially circumscribed to the blockchain environment, taking out its potential to benefit human beings.

Our mission: Serve as a link between political actors and society to generate debate around the crypto issue and seek practical actions to consolidate the issue in society. It will be done by monitoring interest and making proposals on related topics, capturing the main events, promoting proposals and training.

Our objectives:

To generate a space for debating between political leaders at the local and international level on issues related to Crypto, Bitcoin, Blockchain, Virtual Personality, Money Right, among others; to contribute to its development and the consequent socioeconomic benefits that are generated at all levels.

Generate a worldwide community of politicians and political parties that recognize the socioeconomic impact of current technological changes, and are interested in training on the impact of the Internet on people and societies; for an effective promotion of crypto issues.

Specific objectives:

  • Monitor the world reality and issues of interest on the subject to generate timely initiatives that contribute to the development of the crypto culture and the socioeconomic well-being of peoples at a global level.
  • Join efforts through leadership and leadership that contributes to the promotion, processing and approval of regulatory proposals and public policies on Crypto for human well-being.