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Global Network of Policy Makers for Freedom

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  • India and China Web3 drivers in east
  • Mendoza and the payment of taxes through digital assets


The global trend for the adoption of Bitcoin and digital assets at the local government level is increasing.

The development of necessary regulations as well as partnerships with industry leaders and competition to become regional or global leaders are signs of such adoption.

Lugano, Busan, Rio de Janeiro, Miami, London, New York and Mendoza are examples of this global trend, which happens simultaneously with research by central banks that in some cases are developing their own digital currency, CBDC. Regulations are moving
forward, including the European Union and the State of Colorado, which accepts
payments made with Bitcoin and digital assets.

The Volcano Bond in El Salvador is changing financial markets forever, as even if the bonds were not successful, other countries are likely to be able to replicate it

Plan B, the initiative of Lugano, Switzerland, is outstanding, as it focuses on freedom, including financial freedom and freedom of expression, offering a model of replication not focused on economic development and government efficiency, but on freedom and

From September to December, LGDC magazines will be dedicated to providing more information about Plan B and how it will generate great benefits for digital assets.

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This section has the most important news about the implementation of local digital currency and its different uses.

China heading to web3

“Although there have been a group of doubts about China’s interest in the crypto world, given its rejection of Bitcoin or other digital assets, the Asian country has
adopted the development of the metaverse as a matter of state interest.
Specifically in Beijing, the municipal government has developed a two-year plan for innovation and web3 development through …” see more

India and China web3 drivers in east

“India Blockchain Forum, is the latest development made in India by a group of influencers with experience in NFT’s, metaverse and cybercrime to promote the market of digital assets in the eastern country.
This initiative is not only developed privately, but has the support of the state, industry and different research institutes, which have indicated that” see more

The alliance between Busan and Binance that seeks blockchain development

“The government of the city of Busan in South Korea, has achieved an alliance with Binance, blockchain of paramount importance in the crypto world, to promote the blockchain development of the city.
Through technological and educational services, Binance aims to collaborate in the creation of Busan Digital Asset Exchange, ecosystem of the city through which it seeks .” see more

FTX partners with Busan for digital asset sharing

“Following the alliance between the Busan government and the blockchain Binance, the South Korean city has sought an agreement with the Exchange FTX to implement businesses that are based on blockchain technology in the east. FTX would assist Busan in blockchain education by engaging directly with universities, while
establishing a …” see more

Mendoza and the payment of taxes through digital assets

“The province of Mendoza in Argentina joins the group of cities that accept the payment of taxes and other state services through cryptocurrencies, unlike other local governments that only accept Bitcoin, Mendoza will receive a series of stable digital assets such as DAI and USDT.  In addition to the above, Mendoza will allow the use of a different of wallets such as ….” see more

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