Global Network of Policy Makers for Freedom

Global Network of Policy Makers for Freedom

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GNPF DAO provides technical services for politicians interested to use crypto for human development


EDITORIAL: Political and operational efforts on digital identity and money right


Human rights must be promoted, developed, and maintained simultaneously, both at the political and operational levels.

The human right to have or not a digital identity, as well as the human right to have money, is no exception, and requires a larger coordinated political and operational effort, not only because it is a new right, but also because of the recent losses of freedoms, due to the lack of fundamental rights that protect people from the loss of freedoms that technology has caused in the last 30 years.

The ecosystem of blockchains offers an opportunity to operationalize and develop the right to have or not a digital identity, implemented through technology called Web 3, however, the promotion and education of politicians is essential, in order to consolidate this important human right at the legal level, which has more importance, as time goes by, because the use and advancement of information technology is unstoppable, and unfortunately its implementation and use is being particularly negative most of the time.

The GNPF invites all those who share these ideals to collaborate and participate in these important efforts, joining the GNPF or supporting the promotion of the Magazine, which is directed exclusively to politicians at a global level.

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This section has the most important news about the implementation of local digital currency and its different uses.

Texas and cryptomining

Experts predict that Texas will cover 20% of crypto mining in the world, what makes this State so attractive for this activity?…see more

MICA Regulation: The EU Parliament’s Position on ‘Proof-of-Work’ Mechanism

“In the context of finalising the first draft of the Markets in Crypto-Assets Regulation (MiCAR), the European Parliament Committee on Economic and Monetary affairs (ECON Committee) was considering a ban on the crypto-assets using “Proof of Work” (PoW)…” see more

Ohio Seeks Blockchain Adoption

Throughout the US, Distributed Ledger Knowledge, especially blockchains and their applications, must be linked to their legislation. Ohio is starting that process…see more

iBooster: Based in Lugano, home of the first Crypto City echosystem in Europe, launch its strategy for the Crypto Industry

 “…the city of Lugano announced, through a partnership with Tether, that Tether, Bitcoin and LVGA (a stablecoin in CHF launched by the city) are now legal tender. This means that citizens can pay taxes, parking fines, tickets to public events and more in cryptocurrencies…” see more

Q&A: How Chicago-based CoinFlip's CEO plans to boost Tampa Bay's crypto scene

“The latest: Chicago-based CoinFlip, which will soon move into 8,000 square feet of office space in Sparkman Wharf. It has big plans on deck, including creating 40 jobs in its first year….” see more

Cryptocurrency supporters boost Greg Tanaka's bid for Congress

“Palo Alto City Council member benefits from $265K in independent expenditures from committee that backs pro-crypto candidates…” see more

Reno mayor touts potential of blockchain, NFTs as city embarks on new pilot programs

“The City of Reno on Thursday announced it will launch Biggest Little Blockchain, a blockchain-based platform that will create and store records related to Reno’s Register of Historic Places…” see more

Crypto's crash tamped down mayors' hype, but cities are still chasing it

“When Miami’s Francis Suarez took over the U.S. Conference of Mayors in January, he encouraged his fellow municipal leaders to join a “crypto compact,” promising that assets like bitcoin could provide easier access to financial services for low-income and unbanked residents…” see more

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