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  • Interview with Paolo Ardoino, the Holepunch CSO
  • New York and cryptographic development


Financial freedom and derivatives are the main benefits of Bitcoin and other related digital assets, such as Tether, as well as local government digital currencies, such as the Lugano LVGA. However, there are many other freedoms that have been damaged by information technology in the last 30 years, by geopolitics in the last 20 years, and by the Covid 19 pandemic in the last 2 years.

Every time the dignity and freedom of individuals is violated, it has been protected by positive and important values and ideals. In this sense, the damage caused by information technology has been justified by property rights, although no constitutional court would give preference to the property rights of corporations over the dignity and freedoms of human beings. Technology advances faster than the law, so the damage caused in the last 30 years by technology makes urgent updating of legislation, which in turn would update the jurisprudence of the courts of justice; However, we will not delve into this issue of which more information can be found in the GNPF Manifesto and in the April and May editions of this journal.

Moreover, in the last 20 years geopolitics has eroded dignity and freedom with the excessive development of collective rights and the growing influence of underdeveloped countries on individual rights, What has deepened with 2 years of pandemic by Covid 19, which has made evident the existing inequalities. Technology and law, can extend protection to dignity and freedom; being the challenge for politicians interested in expanding human dignity and individual freedoms, the development of case law covering the fundamental right to digital identity or not, and the updating of related legislation. In addition, technologists have the challenge of developing the necessary software, which will allow technology to protect the human being, being Holepunch an example of this software. In this edition you will find an interview with Mr. Paolo Ardoino, CSO of Holepunch.

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This section has the most important news about the implementation of local digital currency and its different uses.

Interview with Paolo Ardoino, the Holepunch CSO

If there is a person with enough knowledge and experience in blockchain and the cryptographic world, that is Paolo Ardoino, CTO of Tether, a stable currency that has positioned itself in the market over the years.
In addition, Mr. Ardoino, is the CSO of Holepunch and one of the main exhibitors of the event Plan B, to be developed in Lugano, if you want to know more about him you can see his interview in the following link: Interview: Paolo Ardoino

New York and cryptographic development

“During the last week of September, the Mainnet conference was held in Manhattan, which was attended by experts from the cryptographic market, from executives, technologists, as well as those interested in digital assets.
One of the main characteristics of this event was that the existence of digital assets should no longer be defended, even the most traditional people participate in these events, confirming that New York has become a promoter of crypto assets, allowing… .” see more

Lugano and El Salvador, cryptographic similarities

“The growing development of digital assets, has generated that a number of cities compete to be the capital of cryptoassets, example of which is Lugano, whose mayor, not only has legalized Bitcoin and Tether, but promotes the development of events, exhibitions and conferences in the field of cryptoassets and blockchain.
In its most recent event, called Plan B, Lugano seeks to promote the learning of technical aspects concerning the cryptocurrency market and …” see more

Plan B and its ability to expand Bitcoin

“The fact that in recent years Switzerland has positioned itself in the cryptographic world and more specifically in blockchain, has aroused the interest of a number of supporters of digital assets, who consider the Plan B initiative of Lugano, can bring about an expansion of Bitcoin.
For this, the mayor of the city Michele Foletti and a group of collaborators, have generated alliances with figures of great importance within the cryptoassets, being one of them Paolo Ardoino, director of technology in one of the most stable and
recognized currencies of all, as is … ” see more

Holepunch? The new platform for creating applications

“A few months ago it was announced the launch of Holepunch, a joint platform of Tether, Bitfinex and Hypercode, which allows to create peer-to-peer applications; that is, applications that work in a decentralized way and that promote an encryption of the information that provides greater security.
As the first application, Holepunch has launched Keet, an application for the development of video calls in an encrypted way and that unlike the current video calling applications avoids the ….” see more

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