Global Network of Policy Makers for Freedom

Global Network of Policy Makers for Freedom

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  • The Lugano Standard
  • McDonald´s and the payment in cryptocurrency


Dignity and freedom have been damaged worldwide in the last three decades, and the acknowledgement of their critical importance has accelerated over the previous two years (as you can see in the September Newsletter).

Many people, organizations, Associations, entities, Foundations and Corporations are putting in their best efforts to recover the loss of dignity and freedom. Some national and local Governments have been trying to join this effort, and Lugano is probably the most advanced today, with the help of iFinex/Tether. iFinex/Bitfinex is also helping El Salvador create the first two nodes for global cooperation. Each new country or local government can benefit from previous contributors and provide additional value, creating a network effect to increase dignity and freedom worldwide.

The Lugano Standard is a set of laws and technologies to recover dignity and freedom that policymakers and anyone interested can use. In the next chart, you can see the importance of the Lugano standard.

Some necessary concepts

Here are some concepts that allow you to understand the previous chart:

  • C = Countries
  • Dignity: it is easy to understand in European and other countries where the Constitution explicitly protects dignity. Self-sovereign identity empowers people’s dignity.
  • Freedom of speech and freedom of association: these are protected online by a Constitutional Court.
  • Updating Federal, State and County laws to protect and empower individuals: Consumer law, County laws protecting offline access to locations, etc.
  • Financial freedom: Bitcoin, Local Government Digital Currency, Tether, People’s Money.
  • Constitutional amendment to have or not digital identity: fundamental right to explicitly have online protection of all fundamental rights. Fundamental right to not have digital identity protecting dignity and privacy.
  • Privacy: Dignity implies privacy.
  • Property Rights: Including individuals’ value created by participation, content creation and sharing personal information.
  • Bitcoin/USDT: Dignity and freedom financial infrastructure.
  • Local Government Digital Currency: it can be issued by one local government or a group of local governments.
  • People’s Money: money of the people, issued by the people, and for the people. Includes Universal Basic Income and money oxidation to increase the velocity of money.
  • Blockchain: registries and any application with immutability.
  • Holepunch and related technology: technology designed to protect and increase dignity and freedom.
  • No CBDC: CBDC erodes dignity and freedom.


This section has the most important news about the implementation of local digital currency and its different uses.

McDonald’s and the payment in cryptocurrencies

“When we think of fast food chains, it’s impossible not to think of McDonald’s. The American fast food chain, has stood out for marking history since its inception, and now is not the exception, as McDonald’s will accept payments in Bitcoin and Tether in Lugano.
This initiative is part of the Plan B project, a joint collaboration between the city of Lugano and the USDT issuer, which will allow more than 2500 merchants to accept
payments on digital assets by the end of 2023, highlighting …
see more” see more

Plan B and crypto payments in Switzerland

“In recent weeks, Lugano has been the center of attention of all participants and interested in the cryptographic world. And it is that the Swiss city has allied with Tether in the initiative Plan B, which has given great advances within which it stands
out to generate alliances that will allow payments in Bitcoin, Tether and LVGA.
To achieve this goal, Plan B has generated a collaboration with GoCrypto, which has an extensive infrastructure to perform crypto and…” see more

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