Global Network of Policy Makers for Freedom

Global Network of Policy Makers for Freedom

The Global Network of Policy Makers for Freedom and political parties seeks to join efforts to achieve incidence and prominence locally and internationally, to promote the processing and approval of regulatory proposals and public policies on Crypto that focus on the development of human well-being.


You can make a difference.

Contact the political leaders of your country or your community, invite them to be part of the Global Network Politicians for Crypto and you will receive recognition.

In order to fulfill the purposes of the GNPF, become a Promoter and help deputies, senators, mayors, governors, congressmen, political advisers, ministers, mayors, councilors, trustees, candidates for popularly elected political positions, representatives of political parties, crypto experts, influencers and, in general, anyone involved in the formulation and approval of public policies, who are interested in supporting Crypto policies, know our manifesto and are committed to its principles, values and postulates, its vision and mission.

For each policy maker or leader supporting any local human rights crypto initiative or subscribing the DECLARATION IN SUPPORT OF CRYPO POLICIES AND LETTER OF COMMITMENT, will receive an acknowledgment:



Formal leader in office who occupies a position of deputy, congressman, senator or mayor *


Formal leader who is an active leader of a political or parliamentary group


Non-formal national or local leader


Crypto expert advisor to political groups


Institution or organization



ARTICLE 1. Definition:

Promoter of the Global Network of Policy Makers for Freedom (GNPF), hereinafter PROMOTER, shall be understood as the person who, being a member of the NETWORK, undertakes to disseminate and promote it among political leaders of their community, in order to ensure that these know the Network and commit to its principles, values and postulates, vision and mission, by signing the DECLARATION IN SUPPORT OF CRYPTO POLICIES AND LETTER OF COMMINTMENT.

ARTICLE 2. Requirements and procedure:

To be a PROMOTER, it will be required: 

  1. a) be of legal age, 
  2. b) be a member of the NETWORK and share its principles, values, postulates, mission and vision; 
  3. c) manage your registration as a PROMOTER before the NETWORK, filling out the corresponding forms.

ARTICLE 3. Commitments:

The PROMOTERS undertake to:

  • Register and register your contact information.
  • Learn about the principles and values of the Global Network of Policy Makers for Freedom
  • Get trained on current trends and crypto proposals.
  • Provide reliable critical information in real time to Political leaders to facilitate decision making.
  • Promote the network, through assertive and respectful relationships with political leaders.
  • Identify the political leaders who subscribe to the statement of support and letter of commitment of the Global Network and provide the contact details of the political leader.

ARTICLE 4. Acknowledgment:

PROMOTERS will receive recognition for each leader or expert that they manage to promote for the Network and who signs the DECLARATION IN SUPPORT OF THE CRYPO POLICIES AND LETTER OF COMMITMENT.

ARTICLE 5. Validity of the promoter status:

The character of promoter will be held from the moment that their application as such is accepted by the NETWORK and will remain in force for an indefinite period. The resignation or voluntary withdrawal of the interested party will be grounds for termination of the condition of Promoter.