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The Global Network of Politicians pro Crypto invites you to the webinar:

“Blockchain for political and community leaders”

A call   for the technological revolution

with a social impact.

Tuesday, October 26th, 2022 – 17:00 CST

Addressed to political leads and any other people involved in an active role within their communities

This is a free webinar, created for political leaders and parties that relate to blockchain, cryptocurrency and decentralized finances as a topic of huge importance in their own communities.

The Global Network of Politicians pro Crypto (GNPC), is a place created for debating and discussing around these topics and provides their affiliates with updated information that motivates a productive exchange of ideas and the generation of new initiatives that can enrich a certain political vision of the participant and his social projection.


  1. Greetings from the Global Network of Politicians pro Crypto (GNPC)

  2. Introduction to a World with Social Innovation sense

  3. Content

    • Need and Justification

    • About The Global Network of Politicians pro Crypto (GNPC) and its objectives

    • Technological Revolution: Blockchain in the Society

    • The Right to have money

    • First Virtual Congress of The Global Network of Politicians pro Crypto (GNPC)

    • Invitation to Political Leaders

    • Civil Participation

  4. Conclusions

Open Q&A

What does the network offer to its associates?

  • A team of advisers and experts in the field to share knowledge in different areas and contexts, to generate accessible opportunities needed in the political world.

  • A wideknowledge around t technological disruptions and their effects on the local and global population.

  • Expand the technical vocabulary about the crypto world, to facilitate the debate and the exchange of experiences that enrich the political knowhow in todays world.

  • Greater understanding about the context of Blockchain, cryptocurrencies and regulatory projects; based on the benefit for the nations.

  • Empowerment and leadership around the topic, so that politics can assume the changes that citizens and society ask for.

  • Availability of a platform for debate and discussion about the crypto world promoting a greater accessibility to its benefits.

  • The knowledge and information needed to create viable and updated projects for each community, in the face of the global technological revolution.

The moment of crypto-politics is NOW!


You have the opportunity to expand your criteria regarding this important topic by reserving your space on October 26 at 17:00 hours, (CST) at this link:

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